Recommended: REST Feature Survey

Last year, I had the opportunity to attend a pair of fantastic API conferences, which brought together thought leaders for APIs and REST, from a variety of industries. It was incredible to share battle stories from my healthcare perspective with those of other industries – social media, banking, and multimedia for example – and learning how their problems apply to the healthcare space. This is a topic that is worthy of its own blog post.

Earlier this month, however, a few of the organizers opened a survey on the use of REST in various APIs across the spectrum. The website address is:


It is beyond helpful to understand what others are doing, and how they are putting REST to work. It is a great resource to consider future API developments – both in understanding what others are doing, and what consumers of REST ultimately want. I have referred to it several times now in formulating the next generation of standards. I recommend checking this out, and if you are a REST developer, definitely consider contributing to this survey, for the benefit of all.

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